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As I was driving the other day, I started thinking about love; how people meet, where people meet, how long it takes, how fast it happens; how long it lasts. Being in love. In this world, the word relationship and love mean different things to different people. As I was passing a coffee shop, I noticed a couple walking out together but with plenty of space in between them. This told me that things were fresh and it might have even been a first date. They were walking away and then I saw her turn facing him saying something else. It was sweet. I could tell, even from far away, that they had some sort of chemistry.

My love happened very young and quick, I just knew, even at 17. It was a blind date set up by our friends. I was a junior, he was a senior. Two different schools miles apart. I needed a prom date and he was a gentleman. He went to the Tulip Festival in Pella and walked and talked, getting to know eachother. After a dozen more dates as “friends”, I knew I wanted more. He was shy. VERY shy. I called him and asked we were friends or more. We both agreed we wanted more. So, that was that, we were offcial. 3 years & 2 days later, on a warm Spring night, we were married. Almost 2 years later, I’ve never looked back. I’m in love.

But I forget, its not like this with everyone. For many people they have been in love multiple times. Love stories are so amazing & I love to hear about what has brought two people together. One of the best parts about my job is hearing about all the stories about love & when it all began. Seeing their eyes light up as they each recall the moment when it happend. I’m in love with love.

What’s your love story?

Definition | ie. fragment

This all started when I was driving & saw a “tough” guy in E DSM walking a large pit bull, his pants were sagging, he was even looking around, as if to see if he or his “pup” were being noticed. I started thinking…does he “define” himself by having a tough dog? I definitely could not imagine him with my Seymour (he’s a cockapoo). He seemed too “tough” for that. Made me ask myself, what do I surround myself with that might “define” or look as though it defines me?

What defines me?

What do people say or think about me. As I’ve been trying to figure that out, I’ve been paying closer attention to others. Isn’t it true that most of the time we see things in other that we can’t  don’t want to see in ourselves? As a photographer, it’s easy to get into a bad habit of defining myself by my work, equipment, or most of the time what others think of me. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in “image” its hard to break free. My goal for my life is to only define myself as a Christ follower & lover of all people. And let me tell you, it’s not easy for me to forget what others are saying or thinking, or to love everyone, or to even be in the word everyday. I feel as though I get so caught up in MY “busy” life, that days go by & its all just a blur. 

Anyways…this topic just reminds me of my goals & how I need to stay on top of them & start cutting out my distractions.

I will end with a photo of my Seymour so you all can see!

This is Madison V. She is graduating this Spring & heading off to College this Fall. She just returned from a tropical Spring Break-doesn’t she have a great tan! *jealous* ;-) She wanted some fun & natural images for her Graduation invite…I think we got it! Good luck to you Madison!

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Hmm…I would like to go to Sweden & Norway…where my family is from!

From today’s engagement session with Kyle & Jenna. They are great & fun…makes me super excited for their wedding in May. 

Welcome to the Aly{mae} Photography Blog! I’m Aly, let’s chat!

Welcome to the Aly{mae} Photography Blog! I’m Aly, let’s chat!

Even though it did just snow…I know Spring is coming soon. At least I hope it is…

These shots of flowers are from my front yard. Crocuses & Tulips & Day Lilies are sprouting & luckily the snow didn’t kill them!

The other photos are from this morning. My husband & pup are two peas in a pod. They are buds…and as much as I want to be Seymour’s favorite, I know his first pick is Loren. I love my guys.